Are Bollywood PR agencies the same as fashion PR agencies?

The terms fashion and Bollywood are so closely related that it is natural to confuse Bollywood PR and fashion PR. However, Bollywood PR and fashion PR are different.

Bollywood public relations involves a Bollywood publicist. He/she can help people in Bollywood with reputation building and PR promotion and create a buzz when they need it the most. They do it by promoting articles, images, and videos of the said person. Modern Bollywood PR majorly focuses on online news media and Bollywood/ entertainment websites.

Fashion PR, on the other hand, involves the promotion of lifestyle goods like clothes and accessories through earned media channels. Fashion PR can also be done through bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, along with editors and writers at mass media names like Vogue and Elle. Celebrities play an important role in fashion PR and Bollywood PR helps in image building of celebrities.

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