How can Hybrid Media help you?

Hybrid Media can vastly multiply media placements and give a fast and strong boost to your brand and PR plan.

How do we get you hybrid coverage in various web media?

  1. We share details of the Hybrid Media PR Packages with you.
  2. After you select your package and make the payment (all payments are in advance), we create a news-based News Release / Article about you / your brand which is rick in SEO tactics including keywords.
  3. We then take your approval on the Article and make changes if necessary.
  4. We ask for a good clear resolution photograph to go with the Article.
  5. Then we circulate it to various premium website media News Editors and Journalists for Organic PR / Earned Media coverage.
  6. Depending on the package,  we also release the Article to Branded Content websites.
  7. We then follow up with News Editors, Journalists and our strong contacts and connections in the media to get your Article published.
  8. We do Media Monitoring on your article for the next 72 hours and collate all the links and send them to you.

TIP: You should always share some of your best links on your Social Media platforms and also share them with your professional work connections on WhatsApp.

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