Ah, why we do what we do?

Simply put…

  1. To make a name for ourselves and our work.
  2. To help our PR clients realize their dreams.

And why do you need to go hybrid?

Lots of reasons… but 2 main ones here…

  1. To build and grow your Google presence. Jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai.
  2. Consistent PR builds brands. And brands normally earn more money.


  1. Trusted by clients since many many years.
  2. Our integrity towards clients is legendary (yes, that is something we are well-known for and can easily boast about).
  3. Thorough knowledge and expertise over news content.
  4. Quality of curating news content highly appreciated by top News Editors.
  5. Reach in media and control over our content.
  6. Our fair pricing.
  7. A huge variety of highly-credible Earned Media (Organic PR) and Branded Content websites that we cater to.
  8. Our unmatched contacts and connections with News Editors and Journalists, because of us being in the media from 37 years, and in leading in the PR business from 26 years now. Yes, you read it right, a market leader from TWENTY-SIX years in PR. Click HERE for more.
  9. Our great mix of content not only offers mass media coverage with News Releases / Articles, but select Hybrid Media PR Packages even offer Exclusive Interviews, Video Embedding, niche video interviews on YouTube, Photo Galleries on special demand, and even manage news coverage on business as well as international websites. Such aspects make our PR packages Simply Unbeatable in the entire media publishing market.
  10. The earned media (organic PR) links offered in the Hybrid Media PR Packages come without Disclaimers, and thus might come of help as reference links for your Social Media verifications.
  11. Much of our content goes on premium websites and is well-indexed on Google Web and Google Images, giving our PR clients a strong Google presence, with their articles staying on search engines.
  12. Our packages are INCLUSIVE of GST and have no hidden charges.

These are just a few USPs which came to our mind while writing these points. However, we may be able to mention many others, as more… and more… and more come to our mind.


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